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The best source for BBM Animated Avatars on the BlackBerry 10 Platform

I'm in the deep sea searching for a mermaid Gaurd your grill, knuckle up! kuckle up! Deer in the headlights? yeah right, try it word to banksy So long, gay boys Never stop in the middle of a hoe down... Every puff they take is enough to kill a snake. Say peace to cats who rock MAC knowledge knowledges One thing I know - Anything is better than that 1 train

Update your BBM avatar with cool and engaging animated images! offers the best selection of animated display pictures - all guaranteed to work with BBM on BlackBerry 10. Browse through our vast selection and amaze your friends with these animated delights.

BBOS users - no reason to worry, these images will also work on BBM 6.1 and higher.

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